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"We are TITICACA WORLDWIDE a company whose purpose is we satisfy our customers, which is why we offer personalized quality services that will make your trip enjoyable and memorable. We have a variety of services tailored to your needs" OUR VISION: Tourism is a very delicate activity which is enjoyable and allows us to share our tourist attractions and assume social and economic responsibility with rural communities by contributing to their development, we are sure that with creativity and permanent innovation along with continuous trust that our clients offer us, we will stand out as a successful organization. OUR MISSION: To Use in a responsible and sustained way the tourist resources of Peru through strategic alliances with rural communities and different institutions in this sector developing products which permanently adapt to the changes in the tourists preferences.

What Makes us Different?

1.-We apply the ancient Quechua principle of “AYNI”: giving and receiving, between travellers and local people; exchanging, sharing and helping each other. 2.-With us you will learn many things of our culture. and likewise, you will have the chance to practice one of our daily activities. We are the first to undertake this type of kayaking trip, one of our main objectives is to attract clients who are interested in kayaking adventure, as well as helping children or families who really need for their education and others. We work for local people like us.